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REVIEW: MERRITHEW™’s STOTT PILATES® Studio (Fitness Centre in Toronto)

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Stott Pilates: Pilates and Training Centre located at Midtown Toronto

MERRITHEW’s STOTT PILATES and Training Centre located Midtown Toronto

Today’s journey took us up to Yonge and Eglington to the ‘mecca’ of the Pilates movement, MERRITHEW’s STOTT PILATES Studio and Training Centre.
MERRITHEW reached out to me after reading some of my other reviews and asked if I would like to come up and check out their facilities and participate in one of their classes.
How could I say “no” to an offer like that?
Like any good reviewer should do, I started researching STOTT PILATES so find out the usual Who, What, Where and Why.
I’ve heard of MERRITHEW and STOTT PILATES (the brand) as well. I think anyone in the fitness industry has, or should have.
What I didn’t know, is that it is one of the most recognised pilates brands in the world, and it was started right here in Toronto! You can go to their website to find out more if you’re interested:
I arrived at the MERRITHEW’s head office studio at Yonge/Eglinton and was greeted warmly by Katie the Marketing Co-ordinator. First impressions of the studio were that it’s a nice, warm, and calming environment; it wasn’t as ‘high end’ looking as I had envisioned in my head, which isn’t a bad thing. By that I mean: it’s not like walking into a day spa which some pilates/yoga studios try to make themselves appear,  where people care more about been seen, versus the workout they receive. This is a clean, highly professional place/environment to go workout.
What I find awesome about MERRITHEW’s STOTT PILATES Studio is that it is a requirement for new clients to the Studio to complete a one-hour private or semi-private orientation with a Certified Instructor; as a bonus, they throw in a 2 week trial of Group Classes, which reminds me that mine has probably expired :(
This requirement is the first time I’ve come across this and I think it is a brilliant idea; it allows a new client to feel comfortable using the equipment, plus it allows a trainer/instructor to find out in depth what the client is looking for, what issues they have, and then they are able to recommend the perfect workout/treatment for the individual. Other studios, take note! This is how you really take care of your members.
Stott Pilates: Pilates and Training Centre located at Midtown Toronto
My one on one was with an unassuming instructor called Eve, I don’t mean that in an offensive way at all, she quickly made me feel inadequate of my own knowledge, or lack of, and I’m actually looking at doing the Functional Anatomy course at MERRITHEW as a refresher because of her. Eve was lovely, and any inadequacies I felt were 100% in my own mind, not by any of her doing. I want to share a huge compliment to her and her education. Trainers and Instructors take note, we have got to step our game up, its just not professional to not know your stuff. Eve guided me through a great session, I felt at ease and calm the whole time. She was consistently paying attention to me and correcting even the slightest of adjustments to ensure I was doing the moves correctly. She orientated me with the different machines they use. As you can see in the picture I had some fun on the Cadillac, yep that’s what it is called. What an awesome machine to use, I had a blast!
It was a very informative session and obviously she knew I was a trainer so we spoke the lingo and discussed how Pilates can be used to fix alignment and imbalance issues as well as a number of other things; I came away from the session thinking ‘Wow, next time my body is out
of wack I’m going to come here and do 10 sessions versus seeing my Chiro or Physio’ (Sorry Dr. Phil Warner, you know I think you are great and I will continue to see you when my back is in desperate need of putting back in place)
NOTE: I’m not suggesting you replace your Chiro or Physio but for my own personal body alignment issues, I feel Pilates is something I should be doing on a regular basis.
pilates toronto
Fast Forward a week later:
I came back to STOTT PILATES Studio as a nobody under the cover of anonymity, and I took one of their group classes, Matwork Conditioning, you can read the class description by clicking on it if you like.
 This class was in one of their smaller studios downstairs and it’s a nice clean, standard looking pilates room. A little area to sit down and take your boots off and store your jacket and belongings. There were about 8 people in the class and it was taught by a nice friendly instructor by the name of Alex. She worked the room nicely, correcting form, encouraging members, some light hearted jokes: everything you want in a professional fitness instructor. No complaints from me as an instructor, or as an average joe. Now the only pilates I’ve ever done before was matwork styled classes, so I wasn’t too out of my comfort zone here. Alex put us through a series of different moves, using a foam roller and
something that looked like a Thigh Blaster you would buy on a late night infomercial. (I don’t know the correct name and can’t be bothered googling it right now but you get the idea).
Class was great, it wasn’t particularly hard, but I don’t think Pilates is meant to be hard; if it’s hard for you, you’re probably doing it wrong or pushing yourself too hard and you’re not going to achieve the actual results you should by doing it. Pilates is great for working on breathing,
relaxing, strengthening deep core muscles, and postural and stabilizing muscles. Something we all should be working on!
To wrap it up, MERRITHEW’s STOTT PILATES Studio is one of the most professional studios I’ve been to so far in the city. The instruction (particularly the one on one was of highest standard) is where you can tell MERRITHEW has a very serious and professional training program: I was totally impressed. If you want to be an instructor or trainer here, you better have done more than the Personal Training Certification you received in two weekends. If you want to invest in your body’s health and fitness, then this is a place I would recommend, the packages are affordable and from what I’ve seen, you will be in good hands!
Jay Quarmby – Personal Trainer,  Owner of FitnessTO, Buns of Steel Bootcamp

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