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REVIEW: Fit Factory Fitness (Fitness in Toronto)

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REVIEW: Fit Factory Fitness (Fitness in Toronto) | FitnessTO

I had the opportunity to attend a bootcamp class at Fit Factory Fitness in downtown Toronto on a Saturday at 10am. I soon discovered this was prime time for King West folks to work out!

I was surprised to find myself amongst 60 people in this class- by far the largest fitness class I’ve attended. That being said, my instructor Roshanda quickly set a tone of discipline, command and order, all of which I really appreciated. Being a group fitness instructor myself, I find it so crucial to earn your students’ respect and attention from the get go. She wasn’t mean about it but her confidence and clear commands made everyone listen up and all eyes were laid solely on her. She proceeded to organize us in a way that made me feel part of a bigger team and not get lost in a crown of unknowns, even if I didn’t know a soul here.Fit Factory

We started off with a partner warm-up consisting of jumping jacks, high knees and burpees. Roshanda broke the exercises up into smaller drills so it went by pretty quickly. Before we knew it we were all (very) warm and ready to get to the good stuff.

By the end of the first station, I was sweating like a dog. I did not bring a towel, and to my knowledge they don’t offer towels there. So piece of advice- bring a towel to this class. There is a lot of sweating happening. The alternating between 2 different exercises all while encouraging each other made the time fly. Don’t get me wrong, we were all drenched by the time the clock ran out but the flow between exercises and stations were timed perfectly so as not to get too tired or too bored.

Roshanda was definitely able to command that room. Her voice projected well, she walked around the room and was attentive to all of us. She mentioned she could see all of  us and if one of us started to slack off she would notice. That is incentive enough for me to keep moving!

She also was able to format the workout so we didn’t feel too crammed, even if the room was packed! Since we were so many, we were split up into 7 groups of 8. Within each group we were partnered up with another person. This allowed us to alternate exercises and use of equipment with our partner, again aiding in clearing up space for all of us to fit. A few station examples: battle ropes with skipping, box jumps with bent over rows, kettle bell swings with bicep curls. Each station lasted about 4 minutes. Once we finished the final station and our workout was done, man did it feel amazing!Fit Factory

Everyone was high fiving each other – something that we were reminded to do throughout the class to keep each other motivated. I personally loved it. All of a sudden you felt like you and your 8 man/woman group were a team and you all completed this mission together.

The Fit Factory space itself is very bare and open but there are still plenty of pieces of equipment to use for any given class. In the bright, open concept workout space you’ll find boxing punching bags (used for their boxing classes), plenty of different weighted dumbbells, barbells and kettlebells. Battle ropes, medballs, jump boxes and many other toys line the room just waiting to be played with.

There were people of all ages in the class, with the majority ranging between 25-40 years old. There were guys and girls and nobody really cared about what anybody looked like or what they were wearing or any of that bullshit which I really appreciate. I’ve taught and attended classes where people were more concerned with theirs and everyone else’s appearance more than the workout itself. Everybody that morning was there for the same reason- go hard for an hour and go home and feel like a million bucks after, which is how I felt!

I was very pleasantly surprised by the caliber of instruction, equipment, as well as the other participants. I went there all by myself for the first time but found everyone to be friendly, supportive, and my favorite- hard working! Being surrounded by others who are there to push and encourage one another to do the same is my favorite kind of workout environment. Roshanda was also amazing. She runs a tough ship but has earned everyone’s respect (including mine) so it makes for a well run, sweat fest workout.


I highly suggest this class to anyone who likes a high intensity, demanding type bootcamp where you can challenge yourself from start to finish. And don’t be afraid of trying heavier weights here – it’s encouraged, although you do have lighter weight options as well. If you’re just starting off, have any health concerns or injuries that may get in the way of high impact or multi-joint work, this may not be the class for you. I am sure the instructor would be happy to offer modified versions of the exercises but the vibe here is go go go. You will also probably be working with partners or groups at some point so if you like to stay in your corner doing your own thing and taking breaks whenever you want, this may not be the place for you. This class is all about positive vibes, teamwork and encouragement amongst members. Everyone works together, and breaks together here. It’s laid out to you right from the get-go. And I love it! Can’t wait to go back!

Fit FactoryBonus tip- There are large TV screens along the wall of the class that can be synched to a heart rate monitor device. I thought that was a pretty cool option for those who like to keep track of how hard they’re working without having to look down at a watch all the time.

Justine Keyserlingk  Personal Trainer/Spin Instructor/Holistic Nutritionist

(Editors Note: Justine went to the class anonymously and reviewed the class as she saw it. I often hear Fit Factory getting a bad rap for their styling of classes and their ‘military’ attitude, so to be honest I was pleasantly surprised to read such a positive review! I actually want to go check it out for myself now – Jay Quarmby)

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Review: Fit Factory Fitness (Fitness in Toronto)
Review of Fit Factory Fitness in Toronto. FitnessTO instructor and Nutritionist Justine Keyserlingk goes and tries out a class. Find out what she has to say about the class!


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